Sleeve & Half Sleeve

How to get a quality sleeve or half-sleeve tattoo ?

Today tattoos are democratized, more and more people are taking the plunge to make big tattoo projects like a Half-Sleeve or Full Sleeve Tattoo.
Full Sleeve Tattoo are works of art that require a great deal of work and preparation.
Before embarking on such a project that will remain engraved for life under your skin, you must be aware that it is not something to be taken lightly.
The realization of this project requires long hours of reflection and many sketches on paper before even creating the final drawing. In order to achieve a beautiful tattoo composition, the important thing is to combine the elements with each other keeping an airy composition, readable, and make sens.
The different layers will be essential in order to superpose the elements of the wrist until the shoulder in the rules of the art by respecting the chosen style. It is also important to integrate a nice transition between the forearm and upper arm, this area is particularly difficult to tattoo and often the healing of the tattoo is quite random around the elbow; for these reasons it is good not to put too much details.
All of these factors and many more are to be considered when considering filling up one’s entire ink arm.  Unfortunately, still too few people take the time and put the budget necessary for achieving a successful Half-Sleeve or Full Sleeve Tattoo.

Have you ever noticed a lot of tattooed arms that seemed to be done fast or a bit messy? There are so many, the real complete successful Half-Sleeve or Full Sleeve Tattoo are very rare …

It is up to you to make the right choice and prepare the best possible vote project before you get tattooed.
Our team of professional tattoo artists and designers is there to advise you and make your tattoo drawing from start to finish. We have been specialists in the style of tattooing for years, so we gained a lot of experience in many themes. Do not hesitate to describe your project :

Here is a selection of Sleeve & Half Sleeve tattoo designs.

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